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At the beginning of the 20s, the British Roy John Watson, together with his partner, the Mendocino Joaquín Gordoniz, decided to build a branch of their company in Puerto San Julián, beginning the construction of this majestic building.

Sociedad Anónima, Watson y Gordoniz Cia. Lda.
was a company dedicated to Import
  and Export  Products for the field. 



In February 1939, the building that the Company had  Argentina del Sud in Pto. San Julián catches fire, forcing the company to look for another sales location.

That same year La Compañía Argentina del Sud, or ARGENSUD as we all know it, moved to the Watson and Gordoniz building.

Argensud was a General Branches, Exporter and Importer company, in its premises it had sections of hardware, store, fashion, warehouse, bazaar, perfumery, shoe store, you could even buy cars of the time.

La Argensud closed in the late 1970s.


In 1982, the building was closed and unused, which is why  It was used as a military base for the N7 Artillery Group under Colonel Pucheta.

The command offices were located on the upper floor,
  intelligence and communications.
  there is the department that was used as a resting place  of High Rank Military.

The subsoil was used
  as a shelter for the soldiers and in the courtyard the fleet of trucks were located.


In 1986, the members of the San Julián Athletic Club bought the building and the entire warehouse area of the Argensud, in these warehouses they built a gym and two paddle courts.

The building remained  closed.


During the 90s, there were two nightclubs on the main floor of the building, first El Cielo Disco, then Kraisy Disco.

At the beginning of 2000, both the ground floor and the top floor of the building were abandoned.

In those years, in the basement of the building it worked
  "The Basement Café Concert."

Then the entire building was kept closed.



On August 14, 2014, after almost 2 decades of neglect, we began the restoration of the Building with the aim of creating a Multispace where they converge  Commercial activities and Cultural activities.

Photographs  the state of the building before the  restoration.

Due to the large investment involved in restoring the building, and the lack of financing, the project was planned in stages.

The first stage was completed in December 2014, inaugurating the Argensud Discotheque designed as an economic engine to finance the following stages, at that time we also used the rooms for activities at the Cultural Center

Photographs  from different parties and shows in our Disco

In 2015, we incorporated the concept of the Events and Exhibition Hall into the building's use options.

March 10, 2017
We inaugurate the Resto Bar.
Adding to the project all the Gastronomic proposals of our kitchen.

With the restobar open, and the sound and stage infrastructure, we join the artistic circuit
  from the province.

In January 2020, we carried out the restoration of the basement of the building to be used as a warehouse for the multi-space.


In July 2020, we inaugurated the Grill located in the Warehouse of the building.

Photographs  of the grill located in the Warehouse  of the building

At present, Argensud Cultural has been transformed  in one of the most important meeting points in our town.

A great variety of Regional and National artists have passed through its stages.

Through the exhibition halls we have had a diversity of artistic displays. and we have participated in exhibitions of great magnitude.

Argensud stands out for the variety of proposals offered by its rooms and its infrastructure.

Exhibitions, Conventions, Shows, Events, Gastronomy, Cocktails, Art and History.