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fotografia de la playa cabo curioso, un dia soleado, a la izquierda se ven los acantilados de la playa, de frente el horizonte del mar mezclandose con los colores del cielo.


Cabo Curioso is a beach from our town, where the sea and the land embrace in perfect harmony, creating a fascinating landscape.

Inspired by this natural metaphor, our chef has d
designed a table that merges the best of both worlds: products of the sea and of the land.

Imagine savoring crispy prawns that capture the freshness of the sea, accompanied by delicate squid rings that evoke the softness of the waves. squid tentacles, will transport you to the depths of the ocean, while the lamb empanadas will reveal the secrets of the earth, with their intense and comforting flavor.

The Cabo Curioso Table is a tribute to the fascinating union between the sea and the land, and its name evokes the curiosity that these two elements arouse.

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