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fotografia aerea del frigorifico swuift en puerto san julian, en la misma se ve sobre el techo del edificio principal la palabra san julian, una flecha con la direccion del pueblo y el numero 8 en referencia a la discancia de 8 kilometros entre san julian y el frigorifico.

The Swift Refrigerator Company, recKnown as the main economic engine of Puerto San Julián between 1912 and 1967, it has left an indelible legacy in the region. Today, the ruins of this emblematic place have become a tourist attraction that captivates visitors from all over.

Located at the mouth of San Julián Bay, these ruins evoke a glorious past and have inspired us to create our Meat Table. Each carefully selected element represents the essence of culinary tradition and passion for grilling.

Our table consists of an exquisite selection of cuts that will transport you to the authentic flavors of the region. Enjoy the juicy entrails, the tender and tasty pork bondiola, the crunchy chitterlings, the grill sausage with an incomparable flavor and the crispy provoleta that will melt your palate.

In addition, to complement this unique experience, we have added roasted onion and bell pepper, which enhance the flavors of the meat, and a perfectly cooked fried egg that adds an irresistible touch to the table.

At our restaurant, we are proud to bring you a unique combination of history and gastronomy. Each bite will make you feel as if you are walking among the ruins of the Refrigerator, reveling in the flavors of a bygone era.

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