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fotografia del muelle viejo de puerto san julian, tomada desde la costa, en el fonde se ve un barquito de pescadores flotando sebre la bahia.


Our exquisite Seafood Table proudly bears the name MuelleViejo, in honor of the iconic historic Pier of our locality.

This dock, located a few blocks from Argensud, has been a silent witness to the glorious boom times of cattle raising, where the bustle of
s commercial activities filled the atmosphere and prosperity was breathed in every corner.

Today, this old pier has left behind su past to become a true symbol of the community and an unmissable tourist attraction for those who visit us. It is a magical meeting place, where the stories of the past intertwine with the vibrant energy of the present.

During the warm summer days, the pier becomes a meeting point for the inhabitants of San Julián. Its walkways invite you to walk and enjoy the viewspanoramic views of the sea.

The choice of the name "Muelle Viejo" is due to its content and its inspiration in the bay. This name captures the essence of marine flavors and the variety of shellfish that are presented in a single table, delighting the most demanding palates.

The table is made up of an exquisite combination of crispy prawns, squid rings, fish milanesas, marinated mussels, octopus with vinaigrette and squid salad. Each of these theementos is carefully prepared by our chefs, guaranteeing the freshness and quality of the ingredients

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