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malvinas 002.jpg

During the Falklands War, the Patio del Argensud was used as a parking lot for the fleet of trucks.

malvinas 001.jpg

Photograph of the communications center located on the upper floor of the building

malvinas 007.jpg

Working in the Communications center
located on the upper floor of  Argensud

malvinas 004.jpg

Operations Center
Group  by Artilleria N7
Upper floor - Argensud

malvinas 003.jpg

Courtyard of the Argensud.
Private Oscar Romero's account:

(... In the courtyard of the barracks when it started to snow. They improvised a tent, put planks on the ground because of the mud in the courtyard as a result of the water from the snow. We entered by batch and I had asked the sergeant to allow us to eat standing, by the mud and denied me.  a denigration and humiliation, eating in the mud like pigs. That's why I had the photo taken.
Then they set up a place where we all sat in ...)

malvinas 006.jpg

The Basement of the Building was used as a shelter for the soldiers.

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