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In the first months of 1900, the British Roy John Watson embarks for Punta Arenas, where he meets Roberto Paterson and Donald Munro, who convince him to move with them to San Julián, to the Mata Grande ranch, where he establishes 2 years.

Then Watson travels to Buenos Aires and gets the representation of a Liverpool house to buy wool hides in Patagonia.

Watson joined the Puerto Santa Cruz branch in 1905 as an accountant, and after a while he was promoted to Manager.

Fotografia Antigua donde se ven 9 personas posando.

Photography in the Mata Grande ranch, 
In it you can see the Paterson family and the Fraser family with Roy Jhon Watson who is kneeling.

In 1907 Don Roy Watson formed a partnership with the Mendocino Joaquín Gordoniz,  and they are established in Santa Cruz as commission agents  and buyers of fruits from the country.

The company prospers and they become the important commercial house Watson and Godorniz Compañía  Limited,  with headquarters in Santa Cuz, and branches in Piedra Buena and San Julián.

fotografia antigua de la fachada de un local comercial. se ven varias personas posando y 2 autos antiguos.

The photo is from 1916 and shows the facade of the headquarters in the town of Puerto Santa Cruz.

The Watson and Godorniz building stood out in the town of San Julian due to its imposing architecture.

More than 15 meters of facade, entrance hall with marble floor,  two levels inside, a basement,  an ostentatious staircase in the main room,  plaster moldings, a European building built in the middle of Patagonia.    

fotografia antigua aerea donde se puede ver como el edificio sobresale en la localidad por la altura que tiene.

Aerial photography of Pto. San Julian
in the 30s.

In the front of the Watson and Gordoniz building they had the first fuel pump in our town

fotografia antigua donde se ve a varias personas posando algunas apolladas en un surtidor de conbustible antiguo.

Facade of the Watson and Gordoniz building in  Pto. San Julian.

In the 30s  both partners withdraw from the business firm  and dedicate their efforts to rural tasks.

Roy Watson in his Rincon Grande ranch, on the right bank of the Rio Santa Cruz, which he had inhabited since 1907.

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